Apolis: Common Gallery

806 East 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
E. service@apolisglobal.com
T. (855) 894-1559
Monday – Wednesday  12pm–6pm
Thursday 12pm–7pm
Friday – Saturday 11am–7pm
Sunday 11am–6pm

Located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, Apolis: Common Gallery is our first regionally branded Apolis retail space where we host regular advocate keynotes, collection releases, gallery exhibitions and films. The Common Gallery carries the complete Apolis collection, and is the exclusive retailer for the products below.

Calendar: Events & Workshops

  • January 28-February 14th: Want to Warm the Homeless & Get a New Sweater this Valentine's Day? We’ll take your old sweater and make sure it keeps someone warm this Valentines Day at a local homeless shelter in LA. And as a reward for loving your community, we’ll give you 25% savings towards any new Apolis sweater (Only through Feb. 14th).
  • February 11-February 14th: Valentine's Flower Shop, example last year.

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Apolis: Common Gallery



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