Apolis: Community Centre

243 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013
Between Broome and Grand in Soho
E. service@apolisglobal.com
T. (212) 335-0473
Monday – Saturday  10am–7pm
Sunday 10am–6pm

Located in New York City's Soho neighborhood, Apolis: Community Centre is our second flagship Apolis retail space where we host skill-building workshops, dinners, live music, regular advocate keynotes and collection releases. Apolis: Community Centre carries the complete Apolis collection, along with accessories, books and magazines.

Calendar: Events & Workshops

  • January 28-February 14th: Want to Warm the Homeless & Get a New Sweater this Valentine's Day? We’ll take your old sweater and make sure it keeps someone warm this Valentines Day at a local homeless shelter in NY. And as a reward for loving your community, we’ll give you 25% savings towards any new Apolis sweater (Only through Feb. 14th).
  • February 11-February 14th: Valentine's Flower Shop, example last year at Apolis store in LA.

**Apolis: Community Centre will accomdate any returns that meet our return policy for ApolisGlobal.com eCommerce Orders - Return Policy.

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Apolis: Community Centre



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