Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal - Day One

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal - Day One

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

After 17 hours to Bangkok, 3 hours to Nepal and 4 Tylenol PM, cinematographer Dave Christenson, Rapha's Cole Maness and I arrived to a sunny 77 degrees and loaded 3 cars with bikes, luggage, and cameras. Once we had weaved our way through the controlled caution of downtown Kathmandu, we each spent Rs 525 (7 USD) on a three course lunch. We then settled in at the home of our Nepal correspondent, David Mendies, where we dressed for the first night of his three day Nepali wedding, hosted by his family (Source: Sept. 6th). A sleep deprived Cole managed to wake me up as I had been sitting shotgun and had dozed off on our taxi driver’s shoulder. Tomorrow brings our first bike ride, a tour of our partner nonprofit Citta, and day two of the Nepali wedding.

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