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Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Seven

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Seven

Photo by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

By Shea Parton

A strange sense of excitement to hear horns and smell the fresh morning smog. Thankfully the Bandh transportation strike only lasted one day (Source: Dec. 6). Around 10AM we drove to Citta and I began to realize how spoiled I am getting with morning tea and no cell phone, but after counting every other Nepali pedestrian wearing a black face mask I will give up the Kathmandu benefits for California air. I thought I was dreaming as we walked down the narrow European brick streets of Bhaktapur to be welcomed by Prakash for our first visit inside the Citta women’s center (Source: Dec. 2). Four flights of narrow, old wooden stairs took us to the production floor and office which measured around 800 square feet. After reading about the women and seeing their photos before we arrived, I felt like a weird distant relative meeting them all for the first time. With Prakash translating, we filmed four of the women’s personal stories of coming to work at Citta and we spent a full day working through production details for the Transit Elite Sweater. In the afternoon, a UPS package from Traction Avenue arrived with the Apolis + Rapha labels (Source: Nov. 16). Later we made our way to a local bike shop to meet with a couple members of Nepal’s national cycling team and scheduled tomorrow’s ride.

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