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Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Ten

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Ten

Photo by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

By Shea Parton

If your alarm is connected to the Kathmandu power line you can count on bonus sleep, all the reason I was getting ready with my bike light this morning. The supply and demand of Kathmandu’s electricity is becoming an issue as they approach a season of potential 20 hour rolling blackouts, and decision makers recognize the issue but the revenue from back-up generators out weighs a costly upgrade. By 8am we passed the out-of-order metal detector, a menial security pat down, and hear our first of many Yetti Airlines fog delays while waiting for our 25 min. flight to Pokarah, Nepal. We spent 5 hours getting acquainted with shady airport bathrooms, Nepali breakfast momos, sticky cyber café keyboards, and the words "fifteen more minutes." Once landing in the Yetti Jetstream-41, we grabbed our banged up bikes and took a taxi to the doorway of a hotel that read, “Tourism is Our Religion." We assembled our bikes and threw our gear on the roof of the Land Cruiser taxi - heading to the Saranghott lookout to see the jaw-dropping Himalayan snow caps. On the way back to the hotel, Cole took advantage of the dirt downhill while Dave got dropkicked with a flat tire. Cole and I enjoyed a couple of downhill switch backs but I was probably the only one concerned that we didn’t have room to pack our helmets for the day trip.  Towards the base of the mountain we got warm by a local fire and flossed through the standard traffic congestion till we landed on our doorstep. By the time we were finishing dinner, Dave noticed a maggot on a side dish. Love it. Our hotel is next to Nepal’s third largest lake, tomorrow is all about carpe diem - we have to fit an early morning canoe ride before our flight back to Kathmandu.

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