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Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Three

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Three

Photo by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

By Shea Parton

From 10AM to 430pm, I tried to resolve an issue with Nepali customs and, thanks to David Mendies and Prakash Bhurtel, we made great progress (Source: Sept. 6, Dec. 2).  Here's the issue: We have imported 493 lbs. of 70% merino wool, 30% cashmere yarn which we've asked Citta to handknit into our Transit Elite sweater (Source: Nov. 23). The headache occurs when a non-profit like Citta receives a large shipment of raw materials that has already been paid for. Citta’s sub-division of manufacturing is usually responsible for the payment of raw materials because their return comes from the finish product. Since we sourced, paid and shipped the yarn to Citta, the Nepali customs has extra questions about the unusual circumstance. As I learned how to negotiate in Nepali, the rest of the group made their way through the sea of an estimated 4.7 million Nepalese in Kathmandu valley (29.5M in Nepal). Around 5pm, we and 3,000 others headed to the final day of what was being called Kathmandu’s wedding of the year. While the Mendies's tied me into their traditional formal wear, the rest of the group made their way along the buffet queue and lining up a 630AM ride with a local cyclist in the process. When my legs could no longer dance, I had a taxi take me to the landmark we considered home: “Drop me near the hospital and army barracks.”  I love Nepal.

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