Our Team

Shea Parton

Brand Director/CEO (Partner)

Shea runs the day-to-day operations of the business in downtown Los Angeles since Apolis became a full-time project in 2007. He controls the master schedule and designates internal roles. Shea oversees the sales, advocacy projects, journal and key brand relationships. He holds a BA in business with a concentration in entrepreneurial finance from Point Loma University. Shea enjoys spending time with his wife Mary, reading, cycling and surfing.


Raan Parton

Creative Director (Partner)

Raan takes care of all the design, fabric sourcing, development, fit, production, and overall branding. The brothers have distinct roles that do not overlap, which continues to make the business unique and extremely effective as a small team. Raan holds a BA in organizational communications from Point Loma University. Raan enjoys spending time with his wife Lindsay, cycling and surfing.


Shea Foley

Operations Manager (Partner)

Yes there are two Sheas. Shea Parton and Shea Foley have been college roommates since 2004 and now business partners. Shea Foley is the backbone of Apolis. His working life started in the Foley family construction business. He carried over his unmatchable work ethic to set a standard of excellence for Apolis. He manages the accounting, production calendar, customer service and fulfillment. He holds a BA in business with a concentration in entrepreneurial finance from Point Loma University. Shea enjoys surfing and soccer. (Learn More)

Jeremy Davis

VP Global Sales

Jeremy oversees our global wholesale program. Previously, he spent ten years managing his own showroom and eight years building the boutique division of New Balance with J.Crew, Nordstrom, Barneys, and many other large scale retailers. Outside of being a husband to his wife and a dad to three sons, Jeremy and his wife enjoy Crossfit.

Stephen Tims

Logistics Manager

Stephen moved to Los Angeles after earning a BS in the biological sciences from the University of Pittsburgh. At Apolis, Stephen works alongside the production team, managing the daily operations of wholesale distribution and ecommerce logistics. His interests include backpacking, food, and music.

Daniel Curran

Digital Production Manager

Daniel is responsible for communicating and maintaining the brand aesthetic and mission for online interactions and in-store displays. This includes website production, as well as management, design and production of all marketing and social media outreach. He also provides technical design for product development. He lives in a quiet Silverlake neighborhood with his wife, Mercedes, taking enjoyment life’s simple things, such as music, reading, traveling, and friends.


Hilmar Skagfield

Service Manager

Hilmar manages the day to day operations at Apolis: Common Gallery, our flagship retail space in downtown Los Angeles. Originally from the sleepy city of Tallahassee, Hilmar earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Union University. After the Union Tornado, he studied the philosophy of fashion and learned fashion design down in Muscle Shoals under his mentor, Mr. Reid. Upon the coast to coast journey to Tinseltown, Hilmar trained in couture & bespoke design while being heavily involved with the film world.

Come by and swap a story or two over a coffee if you're downtown.

Maricel Loyola

Accountant Manager

Maricel manages the accounting for the Apolis team. She keeps the finances organized and handles the bookkeeping. Her work experience spans from operations at Tiffany & Co. to production and finance for apparel brands such as Joie and Forever 21. Raised in scenic San Francisco, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, new culinary experiences, and conversations over coffee.

Tom Nearing

Brand Associate

Tom assists with the day to day operations and logistics at the Apolis office. He keeps things running smoothly and helps us to remain on schedule. He studied aviation and earned a BA in business at Auburn University. His experience includes twelve years in the hospitality industry, and most recently in the non profit world of Skid Row. Being a former roommate of "the Shea's" he's stoked to be helping Apolis out in this time of growth. He and his wife, Rebecca live in Los Feliz where they enjoy hiking and playing tennis in Griffith Park.

Chris Blough

Advocacy Manger

After studying Political Science at the University of Mary Washington in his home state of Virginia, Chris moved to LA to pursue a master’s degree in urban planning. At Apolis, Chris’ goal is to apply his knowledge of policy and development in ways that best serve the brand’s commitment to building communities. Outside of Apolis, Chris enjoys spending his time exploring LA or playing video games.

Tu Pham

Art Director (Partner)

Born and raised in Da Nang, Vietnam; Tu's family moved to Florida in 1975, shortly after the war. She studied at both the University of Central Florida and the University of California Santa Barbara, taking classes in communications and photography where she eventually discovered her true passion for design. She received her BA in Art Studio with a focus on photography. Tu maintains the invaluable polished look and consistant brand vision of Apolis, without her expertise we would be hopeless. (Learn More)

Jonah Blossom

Website Architect

Jonah makes the Apolis online presence work, taking the brand vision and making it a reality. He writes the code and maintains the servers powering the website and online store and keeps everyone up-to-date on all the intricacies of internet technologies. Jonah studied both engineering and design and rides his vintage road bike to work every day.

Fred Palmerino


Fred is President/CEO of Lancer Media, Inc., an online marketing and public relations firm specialized in designing, developing and executing online brand strategies. Located in Los Angeles, Fred assists with the development of Apolis’ online marketing and branding strategies. Fred earned a MBA in International Finance from Babson College and a BA in Spanish from Tufts University/University of Barcelona.

Jeff Clark


Jeff Clark born in Santa Monica in January of 1975. While attending local city colleges and UCSB, Jeff prepared for a career of freelance photography by studying International Studies and Art Studio Photography. He built his career on the fundamentals of working with people he enjoys, leaving judgment and hidden agendas at the door, and always beginning projects with an admirable level of honesty. Jeff has always remained a constant Apolis voice of long-term perspective on the obstacles that both social advocacy and industry inevitably give way to. (Learn More)

Scott M B Gustafson

Architectural Designer

Scott is the Principal of MAISON ORION, a multi-faceted design studio based in Los Angeles, CA, and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kansas State University. While primarily engaged in the design of buildings, his focus is rather on questions of life and what qualities make for a graceful and uplifting habitat for human beings. Scott designed the Apolis Common Gallery in the Arts District of Los Angeles.