Apolis: Community Centre


Why did we close on January 1st, 2018?

While 2017 was Apolis’ largest year of growth yet, we came to a place where we realized closing Apolis: Community Centre in New York was a sad, but logical, choice. Within the fashion industry, there’s the prevalent idea of a “loss leader” — the concept of taking a financial hit on an unprofitable store in order to familiarize people with your brand. But we realized this approach was counterintuitive to our goal of using business for good. We’re still passionate about the importance and continual relevance of brick and mortar retail stores, and we're taking in the lessons we learned from the NY store in order to make our next Apolis store stronger and more thoughtful. We’re also excited to further strengthen our commitment to our Los Angeles store, seeking to elevate guests’ experiences and serve a purpose within the local community, as seen in events like our ongoing speaking series.

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Apolis: Community Centre


Creativity and Community at Apolis: Community Centre
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