Community: Apolis Office Monthly Outing

Community: Apolis Office Monthly Outing

By Raan Parton

Photos by Quimari Majette

Our tight crew of nine people in the Apolis office anticipates our monthly out-of-office nights, when after 60+ hours of a long work week, we can commune with one another and realign friendships and priorities in life and work. The work weeks usually consists of a  juggle of orchestrating the challenge of our many different directions: product production and fulfillment, a revolving design calendar of future products, domestic and import supply chain correspondence, and the documentation of different projects and people we are inspired by.   These monthly field trips are a small way to keep moral high, laughter a priority, and friendships essential. So far this year, we have had a few barbeques and attended a local Dodger game to ring in the summer. Our team is strong and we are grateful for everyones hard work and dedication to our growing brand.

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