Community: Apolis Office Outing, Reformation

Community: Apolis Office Outing, Reformation

By Shea Parton

Photos by Augusto Piccio IV

On July 15th, the Apolis team drove a few blocks from our Arts District neighborhood to Reformation's Los Angeles headquarters for an afternoon tour hosted by Director of Operations & Sustainability, Kathleen Talbot. Our off-site Apolis team meetings allow us to get out of the grind, talk about areas of improvement and dream about the future. In Apolis' short history of field-trips we have gotten out of the city and spent the day getting sunburnt in Malibu, we have stayed local and cheered on the Dodgers, we have headed north to Ventura for breakfast with our friends at Patagonia, and during the holidays we annually slow down in our neighborhood and enjoy a meal while celebrating the end of the year. Our team is strong and we are grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication to our growing brand.

For this field trip we were pleased to have Ace Hotel VP, Kelly Sawdon, and her LA team join us. During our outing we asked Kathleen Talbot if she had any tips for not burning out their team of over 250 employees with sales doubling year after year. Her honest reply was,”We do our best to be upfront and transparent with employees about work / life integration rather than work / life balance.” Kathleen’s response initially tripped us up because our father always taught us to strive for a life built around 'working to live’, rather than a workaholic approach of ‘living to work.' But from our perspective, work / life integration is very similar to working to live when your work brings you life, and obviously everyone needs to have a healthy routine of regularly unplugging. Overall what resonated with us from our visit to Reformation was a group of people that are almost as excited about their work as we are.

We are growing now and so we are also looking to grow our team as well, broadening our skill set to allow us to impact more people through our advocacy. Find out more about available positions here.

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