Community: Henry Taylor, Blum and Poe Exhibition

Community: Henry Taylor, Blum and Poe Exhibition

By Raan Parton

Photos by Michael A. Muller

When we moved to the Arts District of Los Angeles in 2007, we moved into our studio at the same time as an up and coming LA based painter by the name of Henry. We all became quick friends amongst the tight-knit group of creatives and artists that resided in the neighborhood at that time. Henry's painting career began to take off and in the last couple years has been recognized as one of the more up and coming painters in LA. It has been amazing to watch his craft develop and see his story unfold, so we were naturally excited to take some of the Apolis team this past week to the the opening of his second solo exhibition at Blum & Poe Gallery in Culver City, CA. Attendees included fellow art enthusiasts, Henry's extended family and even Jeffry Deitch came through. It was an inspiring evening and a long time coming, we are incredibly proud of our neighbor Henry and look forward for what comes next.

His works include a mix of portrait paintings and social commentary installations. The theme of the new show is exposing the history of oppression and the realities of 'so-called American dream'. I appreciate his honesty, raw unfinished work and not being afraid to make waves in the discussions around his art.

Our favorite piece of his work was a jolting build out in the middle of the stark white gallery walls… "On the gallery floor will be rows of dirt intended to mimic freshly plowed fields and a stately dinner table with a chandelier hanging overhead. The juxtaposition of manual labor versus genteel living creates a charged atmosphere, recalling the history of black American labor, as well as the realities of all forms of blue-collar work." - Blum & Poe press release.

He will be there through the end of March and we highly encourage you all to pay a visit if you can make it it by the exhibit.

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