Film: Behind-the-Scenes Apolis Market Bag


We're always blown away by the different ways people use their Market Bags, so we thought it would be fun to see the lifecycle of an Apolis Market Bag — around the world in 60 seconds. If you've visited Apolis: Common Gallery in LA's Arts District, you may recognize Hannah Warren, who helps guests at our LA store and also stars in this video.

While the film was made in October 2017, the story behind the film really began in Spring 2011. A friend who was connected to a network of Fair Trade-certified vendors shared a few contacts with us. One of them was Mohammad Ghayasuddin, the General Manager of Saidpur Enterprises — a women’s co-op in the city of Saidpur, Bangladesh, which now makes our market bags. Now, over six years and 180,000 bags later, we’re so grateful — not simply for the public response, which has been tremendous — but by the fact that these market bags help provide Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund for the 106 women who work at Saidpur Enterprises

We’re honored that we get to be a part of the story of Saidpur Enterprises, which was specifically founded by Ghayasuddin to break the cycle of poverty within the local community. We honestly think that the Saidpur model is the future of accountability for garment and textile production. By partnering with these artisans to make a quality product which appeals to a global market, we’re able to help Saidpur Enterprises provide its employees — mostly mothers trying to support their families — with fair wages and job benefits. 

This is a tangible way to help a community, and it’s an endeavor that you’re a part of too, because every purchase of an Apolis market bag directly benefits the moms of Saidpur Enterprises and their families; learn more here. Thank you for your support!

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