Film: Apolis Conversations, Dan Pallotta

Film: Lonely Leap
Editor: Adam Kolkman

This film is the fourth installment in our Apolis Conversations series. The aim of Apolis Conversations is to highlight the work of inspiring industry leaders that we are honored to consider Apolis Advocates. Our previous films featured Jason Russell from Invisible Children, Jonathan Olinger from Discover the Journey, and Marc Koska of SafePoint.

Dan Pallotta is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Journal blog and a veteran of the non-profit industry. “Veteran” may undersell Pallotta’s current position in the industry, “reformer” may be the more apt title. He is a passionate supporter of non-profits and their mission in the world, but believes society’s restraints “undermine their potential.” Pallotta’s 2008 book, Uncharitable, questions why we have “one rule book for charity and one for the rest of the economic world.”

Pallotta’s newest offering, Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up for Itself and Really Change the World, is set to release in August 2012.

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