Film: Berkeley Reception, Apolis: Nomad Market

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Film: Black Beard Films
Editor: Jake Torchin
Music: Gillycuddy

Apolis: Nomad Market is a traveling installation featuring Apolis’ collection, stories & films. The goal of our Nomad Market is to bring the inspiring talents & stories of our global artisans to a local marketplace. Since October 2012, Nomad Market has passed through the local neighborhoods of: Steven Alan (Chelsea, NY), Hickoree’s (Brooklyn, NY), Need Supply (Richmond, VA), Tenet (Southampton, NY), Journal Standard (Shibuya-ku, Japan), Willy's (Detroit, MI) Glasswing Shop (Seattle, WA) and Voyager (San Francisco, CA). We have been so thankful for the global response to Nomad Market and all the new friends we have met along the way! In an effort to visit more neighborhoods this year we are keeping the current international installation inside Journal Standard and our second domestic Nomad Market is currently inside Welcome Stranger in Berkeley.

Two years after opening Apolis: Nomad Market inside Steven Alan's Chelsea Annex, we're pleased to respond to our Northern California following of Apolis in the community of Berkeley. On March 26th we were proud to host the opening reception of Berkeley's Apolis: Nomad Market. We shared our ninth Nomad Market gathering with over 50 guests for a private evening with drinks and a live conversation moderated by Welcome Stranger’s manager, Luis Cancel. I (Raan), was asked a few live questions by Luis and a handful of open mic questions from the audience. It was great to share the story of how Apolis has evolved over the years and answer a few honest questions about lessons we have learned along the way. We would like to thank the Welcome Stranger team for their hard work and also all of our friends and Apolis Nomads who joined us in Berkeley.

The Nomad Market will remain in Berkeley through May 2015 and will then move south to Venice, California at Stag Provisions in June. Keep your eyes peeled for the Nomad Market in a neighborhood near you.

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