Film: Chivas Presents Apolis: Mexico Project Preview

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Film: Duncan Wolfe
Editor: Nathan Cali
Music: Kevin Matley

We are privileged to be working with Chivas Regal to buld a social enterprise in Mexico. Chivas’ global team shared an industrial design opportunity for Apolis to co-design the glass whisky tumblers for their ‘Art of Hosting’ pack that is releasing across the globe later this year. We were thrilled to accept the project along with the prospect of recycling the sizable percentage of damaged glass from our 'Art of Hosting' pack. The ultimate goal being to repurpose the glass with Studio Xaquixe, a Mexico artisan glass studio and Apolis help co-design and sell a line of commercially viable products, alongside a much bigger release coming October 2015.

We are honored for the challenge and in an effort to truly understand the industrial design process of glass manufacturing we started by heading to Mexico. Similar to our design projects in Nepal, Vietnam, Honduras, and the Middle East - we continue to believe that it is impossible to understand a culture from the outside, you really have to go there and be a participant as opposed to a spectator. After editing through what seemed like endless hours of footage from our first trip to Mexico, it is safe to say that our final film from this expedition is going to uniquely stand on it’s own as an inspiring design project that is proudly impacting local communities throughout Mexico. We’re looking forward to release the film in the coming months and we are excited to share the following 15-second foreshadow of our current progress.

This initiative in Mexico started last year November 5-9th, and were excited to document multiple trips. From today (Aug. 11) to Sunday (Aug. 16), you can follow the expedition on all of Apolis’ social channels & SnapChat ("ApolisGlobal"), alongside a daily photostory right here on the Apolis journal.

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