Film: Global Citizen Gatherings, Apolis: Common Gallery

Film: Dot&Cross, More Media, Jory Cordy
Editor: Adam Kolkman
Music: Jon Engelhard

Since we opened the doors of Apolis: Common Gallery, our first regionally-branded Apolis retail space in November 2011, we’ve hosted regular Global Citizen Keynote addresses. The goal of these gatherings is to bring global leaders and innovative ideas to our local community in Los Angeles. We have been privileged to welcome Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, Marc Koska, The Economist magazine’s 2011 Social Innovation award winner, Pacooto Gabriel, a student from war-torn Northern Uganda, Alfredo Rodriguez, a jazz pianist from Havana, Cuba and protege of Quincy Jones, and most recently we launched our Defend Tomorrow Initiative with actress & activist Sophia Bush.

We look forward to hosting future Global Citizen Keynotes and personally invite you to Apolis: Common Gallery in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District to view our latest collection and learn how we are striving to transform communities worldwide.

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