Film: Detroit Reception, Apolis: Nomad Market

Film & Photos: Stenson Hamann, Willys Detroit
Editor: Nate Gray
Music: Pip Craighead

On June 27th we were proud to host the opening reception of Apolis: Nomad Market inside Willys Detroit. The goal of our Nomad Market is to bring the inspiring talents & stories of our global artisans to a local marketplace. We achieve this through our latest collection of products, a small gallery of photos from our travels, our expedition films and the exclusive Apolis + Willys Detroit Market BagThe Detroit market bag is our 75th City Series market bag, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy work and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural BangladeshWe are proud to add Detroit to our Local + Global campaign.

We shared our sixth Nomad Market gathering with over 50 guests for a private evening with drinks, food and a live conversation moderated by Shinola creative director, Daniel Caudill. Apolis co-founder, Shea Parton, and Hackwith Design House's, Lisa Hackwith, were the two featured designers for Willys Meet the Designer series. We would like to thank the Willys teams for their hard work and also all of our friends and Apolis Advocates who joined us in Detroit. The Nomad Market will remain in Detroit through the coming months and will then move onto a new destination. Keep your eyes peeled for the Nomad Market in a neighborhood near you.

We are privileged that our friends at and Hour Detroit first previewed Apolis: Nomad Market inside Willys Detroit. The short video and following photostory showcases highlights from the evening of June 27th.