Film: Publishing and Community, Apolis: Common Gallery

Film: dot&cross
Editor: Jake Torchin
Music: "Jupiter the Blue" - Gillicuddy

On April 2nd, we were proud to continue our free-admission community speaking series at Apolis: Common Gallery located in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. The goal of our speaking series is to invite industry leaders to share their perspective on how their profession impacts & fosters community.

This was our seventh live conversation on how publishing uniquely impacts community. The event was moderated by City of LA Fuse Corps Executive Fellow, Mark Anthony Thomas. The two panelist were the co-founder of GOOD, Casey Caplowe, & award-winning graphic designer, Nicole Jacek, responsible for the new layout & design of GOOD magazine. Mark Anthony sparked a 30-minute live discussion with insightful questions of his own and spontaneous questions from the audience and social media. The evening was concluded with a surprise gift from the GOOD magazine team. Special thanks to the 350+ guests that joined us and our friends from Sambazon, New Belgium and Night+Market.

We hope you will join us for our next event at Apolis: Common Gallery that we will announce soon. Contact our Service Manager, Danny Quesada, for a personal invite once details for our next event are finalized.

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