Film: FREAK'S STORE, Japan Collaboration

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Editor: Jake Torchin

The Tokyo, California Open House event was a casual gathering that allowed for conversations and questions about the collaboration. Attendees were able to see and hear a few words from FREAK’S STORE founder, Ken Kajima, on how his volunteer efforts to help the 2011 tsunami victims inspired him to establish the job-creation project in Fukushima by partnering with Apolis to create a clothing line to benefit the citizens of Fukushima. 

The night concluded with inspiring conversations and gatherings, another reminder of why we continue to do our free-admission community events at the Common Gallery. Special thanks to Tyler Wells for an amazing array of food, our amazing staff that helped put this event together, and to the many guests that came in to check out the Tokyo, California Open House.

We hope you will join us for our next event at Apolis: Common Gallery that we will announce soon. Contact our Service Manager, Danny Quesada, for a personal invite once details for our next event are finalized.

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