People: Coryander Friend, Set Designer

People: Coryander Friend, Set Designer

By Raan & Lindsay Parton

Photos by Jory Cordy

We have spent the last year getting to know set designer Coryander Friend. Recently we heard she scheduled a holiday hike up Machu Picchu to experience Peru's culture and history. With this news, we couldn't help but share the early stages of our partnership with a cooperative in Lima, Peru - responsible for creating our Co-op Blanket, Scarf and Shawl. So earlier this week, Coryander generously opened her home to us as we asked for a women's touch in creating an Apolis holiday wishlist.

Coryander has a style and personality that is her own, born in rural Wisconsin and now living in a cabin overlooking the Hollywood hills in Laurel Canyon, her life is lived in great thoughtfulness and seeing the best in everyone she encounters in her busy world of commercials and photo shoots. As a talented creative, she carefully chooses fabrications, furniture and props to create the scene that captures the feel of the environment intended. Through her travels and passion for unique things, she has collected beautiful decor that she dreams can one day be sold or rented for other interior settings, all done through her careful lens. It was a pleasure to enjoy a warm fire & quality December morning with our friend Coryander Friend.

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