People: Dewey Nicks, Photographer and Director

People: Dewey Nicks, Photographer and Director

By Raan & Shea Parton, Ryan Zoradi

Photos by Will Adler

One of the reasons we love our coastal California hometown of Santa Barbara is it attracts a diverse set of visitors and residents. From international travelers staying at the downtown hostel, to surf icons of yesteryear, to entrepreneurs looking for a lifestyle that complements their creative work. Photographer and director Dewey Nicks fits in the latter category. We first met Dewey during our 4th of July BBQ co-hosted with Katin and GQ. According to Dewey, he first saw us longboarding out in the water in front of his Carpinteria home and was struck by our haircuts and swim trunks, but also by the fact that common friends Tom Adler and Will Adler were also in attendance. Since 4th of July, 2010, Dewey has become a good friend and ambassador of the brand, taking Apolis with him as he travels the world working on a diverse array of creative projects both stateside and abroad.

Originally a mid-westerner from Webster Groves, Missouri, Dewey has now made a name for himself on both coasts, working for print magazines including Vogue, Glamour, and GQ and directing both commercials and films. The turning point in his career came in his early twenties after attending Washington University in St. Louis and then enrolled at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. While studying under legendary professor Paul Jasmin, Dewey was inspired to develop his own style, one that uses light and fun settings to highlight friendship and camaraderie. Our shared focus on unique design, intentional friendships, and pushing to create things worth making are sources of inspiration that we have in common.

According to Dewey, products that have the power to speak to “people like me” are what he is drawn toward, something that in itself has a story that is worth telling. Dewey's work regularly pulls him from his Santa Barbara residence to projects in Los Angeles, New York, and throughout Europe. His rigorous schedule and diversity of environments have given us the pleasure of outfitting him on several occasions. Some of the staple items that he has put into his rotation are typically products that fit his lifestyle and can be worn “in downtown Los Angeles, a restaurant in Brooklyn, or an airport in Milan.” He is especially fond of Apolis accessories including our Indigo Wool Tie and Double Ring Belt, essential travel items include the Civilian Blazer and Chinos and Apolis + Katin Swim Trunks, and his all-time favorite Apolis product is the Filson Briefcase because it is an elegant and practical twist on the classic Filson look. Dewey also appreciates the brand's connection with people: “I love that the approach is not insular. You travel. You connect the dots between things that don’t seem instantly recognizable.”

The respect and value we put on Dewey’s friendship is definitely reciprocated. As we enter into this Thanksgiving season, we are continually thankful for Apolis Advocates like Dewey who so eloquently state the Apolis vision of global citizenship and warmly invite us into their lives and work. The following images by our friend Will Adler, are from our November 3rd visit to Dewey’s custom built Santa Barbara home designed by architect Barbara Bester. We enjoyed a brief visit with Dewey, sharing a cup of our Co-Op Roast, and talking through Dewey's tested and handpicked edit for this year's holiday gift guide.

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