People: Stan Parish, Assistant Editor, GQ Magazine

People: Stan Parish, Assistant Editor, GQ Magazine

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark and Will Adler

I met Stan a year ago and continue to be impressed by his humble character and tireless work ethic. Stan was born in Houston, Texas in 1983 to Rosemary Parish and Herman Parish III. The family lived for several years in San Francisco, but Stan spent most of his childhood soaking in "the bizarre and awesome" culture of New Jersey. Throughout his nomadic upbringing, Stan’s parents--both writers--pushed him to trust his instincts and learn as much as possible about the world around him. Like his parents, he developed a passion for writing and studied literature at St. Andrews University in Scotland, and Università di Padova in Italy before graduating from Wesleyan University in 2006. After an internship at Esquire, a brief stint in the microfinance world, and another at Vanity Fair, he was hired as assistant to GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson.

For the past three years, Stan has been living in New York’s Lower East Side, finishing a novel, and working full-time at GQ. Despite his frantic pace of life, we’ve managed to connect at least once a month. Our conversations revolve around book recommendations, long term goals, and an encompassing desire to work to live--rather than live to work. Earlier this year, Stan mentioned that he’d be in California for the 4th of July, and that in the midst of work obligations and a wedding, he was due for some quality surf time.  We hosted Stan in our hometown of Santa Barbara for a memorable weekend among friends and family.  

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