People: Zach Glassman, Photographer

People: Zach Glassman, Photographer

By Shea Parton & Zach Glassman

Photos by Zach Glassman

We came across Zach Glassman, founder of Passion Passport, by stumbling across his work online and just sending him an email.

Zach is the son to an American travel-writing father and a Canadian wanderlust mother. Glassman's parents met on a bus in Guatemala and their love for traveling influenced Zach to follow in their footsteps. After learning five languages and  studying Economics and Foreign Languages at Columbia University, Zach initially landed in Hong Kong. After a couple of years of being refined by a grueling 80 hours a week of trading commodities, Glassman was ready for a change. In April 2012 he took a risk and began a trip around the world to redesign his career path and pursue his love for linguistics and photography. Upon experiencing the transformative power of travel Zach founded Passion Passport, a community focused on the positive impact of travel & exploration. Their Bucket List Initiative challenges individuals to live out their travel dream with a theme or purpose and document their trips in innovative ways. 

We are thankful for Zach's friendship and willingness to be an Apolis Nomad, a group of inspiring friends that contribute to the Apolis Journal and regularly field-test our collection on their travels to help us improve durability. For more details of how to become an Apolis Nomad, email us.

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