Preview: Behind-The-Scenes, June 30 Release

Preview: Behind-The-Scenes, June 30 Release

By Shea Parton & Luke Warner

Photos by Jeff Taylor

We have always been committed to connecting the hands that make our products with the hands that own our products.  We also know that there is often a bridge between those two and that is where each of our retail partners play an integral role as an extension of our brand.  Just as we search out global cooperatives and local manufacturing studios, we also partner with retailers who take personal pride in their work.

Since 2009, when we launched our Market Bag, we have been working with a co-op in Bangladesh which provides work for nearly 100 women in rural Saidpur and also contributes much of their profit to local community efforts. This year they let us know that they were able to contribute uniforms, backpacks and school supplies to over 400 children in their region.

We saw a similarity between M. Ghayasuddin, the general manager in Bangladesh, and our retail partners, each of whom believes in sharing the vibrancy of their own communities and proudly representing the places that they call home. It is with this in mind that we started our regional "Shop Local, Support Global" project in Paris with FrenchTrotters and then Context Clothing in Madison, Wisconsin. On June 30th, along with several new Collection looks we will be introducing our next exclusive regional Market Bag only available at Tenet, in Southampton, New York, along with a short film we put together about their store and the Tenet family. Below are a few preview images from the upcoming film and to keep the tradition of our last 4th of July, GQ magazine's Stan Parish came along again this year.

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