Product: Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag, Bangladesh Project

Product: Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag, Bangladesh Project

By Shea Parton & Nathan Williams

Photos by Weston Wells

We are excited to announce our collaboration with lifestyle magazine, Kinfolk, based in Portland, Oregon. The reusable Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag with waterproof lining is designed in California and manufactured by a fair trade female cooperative in the rural community of Saidpur, Bangladesh. The bag marks our second product with the Bangladeshi cooperative following the success of our market bag now carried by thirty retailers in six different countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Nathan Williams is a close friend of ours and we have been tracking his progress of creating a brand, first online, and now through his publication, Kinfolk. We have always been struck by the simplicity in Kinfolk’s design and the brand’s mission to foster intentional conversation and deepen community. Therefore, we asked Nathan to co-design the Garden Bag. In his words, he joined us in the project because “the attention to detail and thoughtful design of the Apolis team is a standard to which we also hold ourselves to at Kinfolk. The community-building initiatives and collaborative projects that the Apolis brand has been founded upon parallel many of the principles we aim to promote with the magazine, making a partnership between us a natural fit.”

The Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag contributes to our mission to empower communities worldwide and deepens our investment in the rural community of Saidpur, Bangladesh. We are currently providing employment for 21 women and plan to train 20 more through the establishment of the Bangladesh Sewing Academy. The Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag is now shipping and can be purchased in-store at Apolis: Common Gallery, 806 East 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.

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