Product: USA Project, Classic Swim Trunk, Introduction

Product: USA Project, Classic Swim Trunk, Introduction

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark

Product: USA Project, Classic Swim Trunk, Introduction, By Shea Parton
We have always been drawn to the hand craft process behind American manufacturing. Kanvas by Katin is an iconic fifty year old California example of craftsmanship, responsible for developing the original swim trunk.  My brothers and I grew up surfing in Santa Barbara and our father gave us our first pair of Katin trunks while telling us we would never need another. In the late 1950's Nancy and Walter Katin were in the business of making boat covers. In 1959 they were commissioned to produce a swim trunk that would meet the rugged needs of California waterman. The trunks were a huge success and became the uniform for watermen worldwide. For Katin's 50th Anniversary we approached them with the concept of a boutique capsule for the fashion market. Our second season working together, we have used their archive Contender pattern and have chosen classic colors from the sixties.

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