Recognition: Corbis Images + Apolis Journal

Recognition: Corbis Images + Apolis Journal

By Luke Warner

Photos by Corbis Archives

Over the holidays we received an order from Corbis Images for a large number of our Transit Issue Nomad Journals. We were familiar with Corbis as an amazing online source of high quality creative images including photographs, illustrations and typefaces so we were all curious about what they were getting up to with our journals. It turned out that the company had planned to personalize thank you cards, slip them into the journals, and distribute them as holiday gifts. We were incredibly pleased to think that an Apolis product seemed to have such giftable appeal so we got in touch to see if Jonathan Wood, their Art Director, might be able to tell us a bit of his story and share some images of the final gift. 

Jonathan was raised in British Columbia, where the Alaska Highway starts, in a small town called Fort St. John.  The first job he had was working as an assistant at his father's veterinary practice where he learned early on that attention to detail and precision, whether in animal surgery or woodworking, was an invaluable asset, especially now in his design career.  Jonathan's first encounter with graphic design was a fluke as he happened to be studying in a quiet lecture hall when a design class began. He quickly found his own style of working and considers restraint to be the most effective approach, as it naturally encourages resourcefulness and creativity. When he's not working on one of Corbis's myriad projects, Jonathan can usually be found cross country skiing or cycling with his friends and family.

We are always excited to come across like-minded people who are supportive of the work we do and whose commitment to making the most out of each day mirrors our own.  We're thankful for the support of Jonathan and Corbis and hope their friends who received our journals are making great use of them. Check out the images of the gifted journals and some of Corbis's great archival images below.

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