Retail: Seattle, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

Retail: Seattle, Regional 'Local + Global' Partnership

By Shea Parton

Photos by Bryan Anton

We are privileged to feature the Seattle Market Bag, exclusively sold at Glasswing. This is our 70th City Series Market Bag, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh (Watch: Bangladesh Co-op). 

Over the past couple years we have enjoyed getting to know Forest Eckley, the co-founder of our Seattle retail partner Glasswing. The day after our Sept. 10th opening reception of Seattle's Apolis: Nomad Market inside Glasswing, we toured through Seattle with Forest. Following the success of our first citywide market bag giveaway in San Francisco, we handpicked five local shops to introduce our second experiment of a citywide market bag giveaway in Seattle. Follow Apolis' Instagram for more details on Seattle's giveaway, September 14th only.

Forest and his team have a unique retail perspective for Seattle's community and humored me while I recorded our conversation over coffee at Odd Fellows Cafe on Capitol Hill. We asked Forest the following four questions to reflect on being an entrepreneur in Seattle and Apolis' current installation inside his store:

What is the story behind your Seattle retail space, Glasswing?

Glasswing is a clothing and home-goods shop. It is our first location, located on Capitol Hill and it sits at the center of a small but impactful neighborhood. The local marketplace includes: farm to table restaurants, artisan grocers, and specialty bars. With our first shop we want to create a retail space that appropriately represents Seattle, while also providing an engaging environment to introduce new products and designers. The front half of our store is dedicated to retail with clothing, accessories, books & magazines, furniture, plants and home goods. The back half of the space contains a shared design office and gallery space available for rent. It continues to take a lot of building and experimentation as we are only 8-months old, but we’re enjoying the process and constantly learning.

What tips would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?

Put progress before perfection. It is so easy to hold onto something for too long because its just not exactly the way you want it. Through experience I have learned that it is better to get it out there sooner and get feedback on it right away. This philosophy has been so productive for me because it has pushed me to make adjustments and learn faster. In other words, ship as soon as possible, be open to feedback, and fight to keep momentum.

What about Apolis resonates most with you?

Apolis is one of the American brands that resonates with us and a lot of people in Seattle. We love the attention to detail in each product and we appreciate the items in your collection that are not seasonal. I think product consistency helps people identify with a brand. People understand that a product that was designed with care and made with care should not only live for one season. People in Seattle are drawn to product that lasts and sadly the mentality of making timeless products is contrary to most brands. For us at Glasswing, we don’t want to sell a shirt to just make a quick buck, we want people to love the product and feel great about the investment in a product that lasts. It is encouraging to notice Apolis having that similar sense of care and attitude towards everything you guys do.

Why is Apolis: Nomad Market important to Glasswing?

A big part of what we are trying to do is create an experience inside Glasswing with the goal that people will share their positive experience with their friends. We love that Apolis: Nomad Market is an opportunity for people to experience Apolis in a retail environment outside of your own shop in Los Angeles. Nomad Market really conveys what it feels like to walk in and talk to you guys in Los Angeles. Ultimately, we’re excited to share a much bigger product assortment than usual and it allows people to see the whole picture of Apolis and further identify with the brand. People have been coming in and asking questions and its really natural to talk about Apolis and why Nomad Market is in our space and how its only here through October 2014. It is also encouraging to see a sense of excitement that Nomad Market came to Seattle and there is a sincere sense of appreciation that Seattle was selected.


TODAY ONLY (SEPTEMBER 14, 2014), SEATTLE MARKET BAG GIVEAWAY: The following photostory is from earlier this week when Apolis’ co-founder, Shea Parton, & Glasswing’s co-founder, Forest Eckley, toured through Seattle and handpicked five local shops to introduce our second experiment of a citywide market bag giveaway. The purpose of the giveaway is to accelerate the exposure of our Bangladesh advocacy project in Seattle and we need YOUR help spreading the word! The first 25 individuals to purchase anything (ie: coffee, magazine, candle, keychain) will be rewarded a FREE Seattle market bag, first come first serve! Each location has a total of “5” Seattle market bags, make your purchase and ask for the bag from the shop-keeper or barista! Starting NOW visit, follow Apolis' Instagram to learn more about locations and details.

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