Retail: Tenet, Southampton NY

Retail: Tenet, Southampton NY

By Shea Parton & Luke Warner

Photos by Tenet

In the fall of 2009, a mutual friend introduced us to Jesse Warren. Ever since our paths crossed, we always expect a monthly catch up when he's off-season and a bi-weekly one when he's in-season. Warren is the proprietor of Tenet, our retail partner in Southampton and Aspen, whose small beginnings remind us of our own.

In the summer of 2009, Warren, a Brown University graduate, decided to try his hand at curating a collection starting with a one-off seasonal pop-up shop in Southampton, New York, tastefully called Tenet. A native New Yorker, Warren's family moved to Long Island when he was thirteen, an hour from Southampton. He graduated from university with a degree in economics and an entrepreneurial itch, so Southampton was a natural home for his first business venture.

The unexpected success of the first Tenet endeavor inspired him to open another pop-up in Aspen, which allows him to pursue his love for skiing and snowboarding during the winter while staying close to the water in New York in the summer. He spends his extra time with his family which include his brother and his parents as well as a strong extended family who stretch across the globe.

With the momentum of the Aspen pop-up shop, Warren decided to set up a permanent shop in Southampton and has quickly become one of the must-see spots for locals and weekenders alike, stocking a wide variety of both men's and women's collections. At the shop, Warren instills in his colleagues a laid back charm punctuated with excellent customer service which resonates in the comfortable atmosphere. Although he's got big plans for the future of the Tenet brand, he also enjoys the challenge of taking each day as it comes. It was a clear choice for us to partner with Tenet on our third regional Market Bag collaboration, only available in the Southampton shop

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