Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Eleven

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Eleven

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

By 730am, four of us were gliding across Phewa Tal lake, after trading rupees for local canoes (Source: Dec. 10). We spent less than an hour rowing through the blanket of Himalayan mist while watching the sunrise. We ran back to the hotel and loaded up for the airport, as it was Cole’s last day and a tight connection in Kathmandu, he was crossing his fingers for no Pokarah flight delays . Checking into Buddha Airlines was classic: no need for ID, metal detector was only for show, and a kid could have done a better security pat down and bag search. The flight being "on time" meant two hours late and trying to coordinate a hand-off of Cole’s luggage at Kathmandu's airport was far from easy while recharging our cell phones with network nightmares. Regardless of the frustrations, the economic steroid that the mobile phone has been for developing countries is remarkable and best articulated in an Economist special report and one of my favorite books, Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Cole managed to make his flight, the rest of us finalized our Dec. 16th extension and ticked a couple extra days on our Nepal visa (Source: Dec. 9). I managed to make it to the Mendies Haven for dinner and a Friday movie night, then slept like a baby (Source: Dec. 5).

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