Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Fifteen

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Fifteen

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

Fifty five year old Masterji, head pattern maker, cautioned us of the Nepali timetable and urged a prompt 9am arrival. We kept him happy and finalized Raan’s corrections before 10am and were advised to return by 4pm to approve the final sample (Source: Dec. 14). In town, I crossed paths with David and joined him to his office where he pays the bills importing and distributing high-end cosmetics to Indian and Nepali women (Source: Sept. 6). As David shares space in the family office for Sangam Institute and it is fascinating to learn that within eight months of operating their Nepalese think tank has pumped out two books and three conferences. Before a rooftop lunch overlooking the city, Jeff snuck in some incriminating images of my ongoing signs of narcolepsy as I drooled all over David’s office couch.

An unexpected but not surprising traffic jam kept David and I from catching a Parent-Teacher conference with his wife, Jessica, and the middle of his three sons, Raphael. Later on, we picked them up near the school and stopped at the family restaurant where my daily addiction of tea with honey, lemon and ginger - was waiting. We met our favorite fit model Jeff Clark at the factory by 430pm to confirm measurements in the pressing room with the stoic 29 year old Rashal Mahato from Nepal’s Dhanusha. We laughed with the female knitters as they asked if all the sweater detailing had any military significance. If my brothers were around they would have found cigars and champagne to celebrate the final sample being perfect. With a sigh of relief and gratitude, I bearhugged the factory sample designer and our translator, 25 year old Sanji Shrestha, from Nepal’s New Baneshwor. By 730pm, we were on Jeff’s motorcycle weaving through dark shadows to the house in preparation for tomorrow’s trip home.

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