Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Five

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Five

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

After sharing the good news of a quick recovery over breakfast with Cole’s doctor, I slipped into the back row of a Himalayan Christmas service and soaked up the translation with headphones. I was reminded that regardless of the languages and electrical plugs there is a cross cultural appreciation for faith, laughter, family and friends. Refreshing values that make the world feel small. We spent the afternoon at the Mendies Haven - a children's home, but not an orphanage, for thirty kids who are legally brought into the Mendies family and provided with meals, a place to sleep, an education, and valuable life skills. David’s American wife Jessica gave us a ride back into the city. Her Portland driving school instructor would be proud seeing her flossing through Kathmandu traffic (Source: Sept. 6). Back home, three of us got ready for a ride (26 mi.) and Jeff went into town to rent a motorcycle with a handful of rupies and his Costco ID card. I started a classic Indian movie around 7PM and fell asleep once the power went out.

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