Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Thirteen

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Day Thirteen

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

Over the standard eggs, fruit and tea breakfast, Jeff started laughing when he remembered if he didn’t return his motorcycle the local renter will be wishing Costco opens a Kathmandu branch (Source: Dec 5). It has been great to travel with Jeff Clark, photographer, and David Christenson, videographer. Jeff has captured every Apolis image since we started and has been a close Santa Barbara friend. Dave is a Nevada native and has to be the only guy that starts sentences with "Dude...," sports a shoe lace belt, and religiously checks Cycling News. Documenting this trip will be key for Nepal’s 2011 tourism push and the February release of the Transit Elite Sweater. Jeff has been running around with two Canon 5D Mark II, five lenses, a point & shoot Leica, two strobes, two hard drives, four compact flash cards, and enough batteries to help assuage Kathmandu’s black outs. Dave has been throwing out his back shooting HD on a Canon 7D, five lenses, three compact flash cards, his Marshall monitor, Manfrotto tripod, three hard drives and an external audio recorder. Their Pelican cases have logged some rugged miles - whether it was Jeff riding the motorcycle while holding Dave backwards shooting off the bike, scaling hillsides to try and convince local farmers for one shot, Dave trading rupees to video off a moving rickshaw, cleaning a half inch of soot off Jeff’s face after a full day of motorcycling, capturing a climb from the truck bed while telling our driver in Nepali to speed up, one handed steering and shooting while biking in traffic, and always keeping an eye on their gear as locals hovered shouting for a photo.

I spent the day finalizing last minute nightmares with customs and attending another Nepali wedding to remember in my newly purchased national outfit, a daura-suruwal with the traditional hat, dhaka topi (Source: Dec. 3).

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