Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal - Day Two

Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal - Day Two

By Shea Parton

Photos by Jeff Clark for Apolis Activism

We spent the morning getting sun burnt assembling bikes on the roof. Over breakfast, we planned the next few days and then walked into town to meet up with Prakash Bhurtel, the Nepalese manager of the Citta women’s center. With the extra traffic from today’s petrol strike we decided to visit Citta later in the week so we spent the afternoon walking through the city. During our first ride this evening (18 mi.) we were quickly reminded about staying on the the left side of the road as we made it through another traffic jam: rick shaws, taxis, livestock and motorcycles. With the daily power outage being right on time, a few of us headed to the second day of the wedding joining the over one thousand Nepalese who also attended.

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