Advocacy: Mexico Impact Update

Advocacy: Mexico Impact Update

By Raan & Shea Parton

Photos by Studio Xaquixe

In October 2015 we launched the world's first designer and artisan collaborative marketplace called, Global Citizen Exchange. Today the production of our 100% recycled collection of glassware items of 990 units of Apolis glassware is creating 400 hours of employment for the 14 artisans of Studio Xaquixe. Minimum wage in Oaxaca is currently $89 USD a month. Working 44 hours a week, a Xaquixe glassblower makes $592 USD a month + medical security + housing credit + savings for retirement. Xaquixe’s self-developed technologies have allowed them to reduce by 80% their usage of fossil fuels, substituting it with waste cooking oil and methane produced via an anaerobic biodigester. 

The process behind any artisan project takes time to work out all the details and our initial delivery date of February 2016 has been extended to September 2016 to ensure the highest quality. 

After several years of this work we have come to know that supporting the opportunities that communities create to sustain themselves, using their skills and their craft, is the most effective thing we can do. We are constantly inspired by the work ethic and leadership in rural communities, who start with limited resources, and often just a wing & a prayer. Their commitment and determination keep us striving each day to find new ways to ensure that we maintain our half of the partnership: a strong market for their industry, an audience for their story and a mutually sustainable way of life. We hope you are inspired by the photos below as much as we are. A behind-the-scenes photostory documenting the current glassblowing process of 


Learn more about this project by watching a short film that took us over a year of preparation and three trips of documenting our daily travels through Mexico. Also we're so grateful for the support from the following press outlets:

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