Ben Thomson: Invisible Children


This autumn 2009 we dedicate ‘A Day in the Life of a Modern Activist’ to Ben Thomson and the Invisible Children cotton initiative for partnering with us to create the Philanthropist Briefcase.

Michael Daube: Citta International

Profile / Michael Daube: Citta International

We seasonally feature a modern activist that is a direct extension of our brand because we recognize authentic results come from a daily partnership, allowing us to be equally responsible for any success or failure.

Rod Arnold: charity: water

Profile / Rod Arnold: charity: water

At Apolis, we recognize that authentic results come from daily partnerships. Each season, we feature a modern activist whose work represents our vision to empower people and communities. This spring, we acknowledge Rod Arnold at charity: water for partnering with us to create the Restore Haiti Initiative and this is the story of how it all began.