Profile / Ben Thomson: Invisible Children

Jeff Clark for Apolis

Ben R. Thomson
VP International Development

DOB: 14 January 1983

RESIDENCE: San Diego, California

EDUCATION: UCSD, Bachelor of Arts, Economics


‘A Day in the Life of a Modern Activist’ By Shea Parton
Case Study: Ben Thomson
VP International Development, Invisible Children

In 2006, Ben Thomson introduced himself to me in the courtyard of Invisible Children’s northern Uganda bureau. After four weeks of volunteering in Gulu, northern Uganda, Ben showed me Invisible Children’s gratitude with a grizzly handshake and a friendship that is still strong today. Whether letting me sleep on his floor in San Diego, meeting up for dinner in New York, regularly recommending books, being an essential voice on our advisory board, early morning surfing in Santa Barbara, or sharing family over the holidays — we have spent quality time together. Learning about each other’s worlds, for–profit vs. non–profit, and sharing the common desire for both worlds to succeed together.

We seasonally feature a modern activist who is a direct extension of our brand because we recognize that authentic results come from a daily partnership allowing us to be equally responsible for any success or failure. This autumn 2009 we tribute “A Day in the Life of a Modern Activist” to Ben Thomson and the Invisible Children cotton initiative for partnering with us to create the Philanthropist Briefcase. Begin »