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Ben R. Thomson
VP International Development

DOB: 14 January 1983

RESIDENCE: San Diego, California

EDUCATION: UCSD, Bachelor of Arts, Economics


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20 October 2009

0800 — 0850 When Raan Parton, Apolis Creative Director, decided this season’s case study would be Ben Thomson, he quickly cleared a day to make it happen. Ben reaches to both my brothers with his subtle sense of humor, attention to detail, tireless work ethic, and uncompromising insight to fine tuning Apolis’ development practices. Raan and Ben connected for coffee before heading to Invisible Children’s North American bureau — 13,000 square feet, 75 staff and volunteers, on the outskirts of downtown San Diego’s Gas Lamp district. Impressive to park along side the fleet of Invisible Children road tour vans, 16 vehicles are available for North American highways.

Raan couldn’t help but covet Ben’s aged moleskin as he documented his daily tasks. Ben’s virtues of order and routine are noticed as he re–caps Monday, 19 October, and finalizes his schedule for today.