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Kim Reierson for Apolis
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charity: water

Rodney L. Arnold
Chief Operating Officer

DOB: 16 April 1968

RESIDENCE: New York, New York

EDUCATION: Oral Roberts University,
Degree in Biology and Chemistry


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23 March 2010

0800 — 0845 As we worked through the Apolis Haiti Initiative details — which consisted of empowering 920 people through the implementation of six wells located thirty miles outside of Haiti’s capital — we were introduced to the newly instituted Chief Operating Officer, Rod Arnold. Even before I met Rod, I’d heard about his experience as a VP of a branding firm and how Rod’s career changed course in the spring of 2009. Exactly one year ago, Scott Harrison shared the inspiring charity: water story of years of exponential growth and a need for a new caliber of leadership to take their organization to the next level. By late March I finally met Rod and was immediately impressed by his 42–years of wisdom and steadfast leadership that became more and more evident as the day unfolded. It was a pleasure to shadow him for a day, beginning with a punctual 8:45am office arrival.